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The Big Chop: My Hair Journey

2016: The start of my Hair Journey This blog is about my hair journey and the big chop I did 3 years ago. I have worn my hair blonde for over 15 years and boy ol boy did my hair take a beating! Back in 2016, I was fed up of my brittle ends and my hair being so choppy from all the breakage I just grabbed some scissors and cut the majority of my hair off! At the time I had tried everything from Protein treatments, deep conditioning treatments and so much more. After all of that nothing was working or bringing my hair back to life! The blonde had eaten up my hair so bad, that I couldn't...

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The Best Skin Care Product I Ever Used: Be Transcendent

Be Transcendent is a plant-based, all-natural skincare line that works for all skin types! Over the years, I have often had to switch up my products from when I am too oily or too dry. My skin was constantly changing depending on the weather and what my skin was going through. But in the words of BSimone, "Baby Girl", I have found the holy grail for all skin types! BE TRANSCENDENT   This Black-owned Skin care line has products whether you have normal/dry, oily skin or a combination of both! Everyone's skin is different and requires a unique routine. My skin has been a bit dry lately so I have been using their cleanser, toner, followed by Be Transcendent daily...

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My 6 Must Have Red Lipsticks!

Seems like just yesterday our red lipstick options were extremely limited, as everybody was wearing only RUBY WOO! Now over 10 Years Later, the options are endless! So as fall arrived I began to swap out lipsticks and this is the time I start to wear more red bold lipstick colors. I honestly do not know why I do this, it's just been my natural routine that my reds go with more of my fall/winter looks. I love a bold red lip while wearing my darker color clothing. But please remember a bright red lip can also make an all-white fit just that more glam! I asked friends & IG followers for their red lip recommendations, then I went out...

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