About Me




My name is Ashley Williams, co-founder of the multi-million dollar E-commerce brand, Hair Are Us. Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to actually START and operate a business. Going from an operation with only two people (inlcuding myself) to employing over 25 people, having 3 retail/ salon locations and a full functioning warehouse. We have stood the test of times! Over the years the hair industry has changed and the e-commerce industry has taken over. After switching from retail stores to e-commerce only we have strengthen our sales even more. This journey was not easy!


 When I left my hometown of Austin, Texas to attend Morris Brown College in Atlanta, I ended up completing my Bachelor’s at Georgia State University. I began working in the entertainment industry with top producers to even landing a job at Tyler Perry Studios. I was always good at numbers, organizing, and executing whatever project I was dealt that my mentors started calling me “A$hMoney” or “Ashley Kashley” because they were so enamored with my ability to get the job done!


Let me not forget to mention my short-lived reality stint on BET's the Ultimate Hustler, a show where a group of entrepreneurs compete against each other for an executive-level position. I may not have won, but I definitely showcased my true "hustler" skills! LOL


Over 10 years ago I got so frustrated about working for other people that me and my business partner ended up devising a plan. At the time, we were hoping to make enough money just to cover our monthly bills, however, we had no idea that our $1K investment each would yield $2M in less than two years for Hair Are Us! We went from selling bundles out of the trunks of our cars in parking lots to 3 retail stores and a thriving e-commerce business. We’ve had many ups and downs. But we have learned so much from starting, maintaining ,and growing a business by doing this together.


Years later after running a successful business I still find myself learning more. From taking classes at Harvard University continuing education program on leadership communication to online classes on how to code & run ads. Remember the world is constantly changing, so I advise anyone to do what you have to do to stay on top of your game!


 Remember, no matter where you are on this entrepreneurial journey- I’ve been there. I’ve had numerous jobs in various industries. I went from intern to associate to a multimillion-dollar business owner. Hair Are Us and myself has been blessed with features from CNBC, Essence, BET, Fox News Houston, and various other outlets because we were able to plan, prepare & execute our vision.

I am now taking my knowledge & resources to help others build their businesses! 

For more information regarding my consulting services feel free to email me at info@ashleykashley.com