How Much is too Much to Charge for A Service?

This is an age-old discussion or should I say debate. As a business owner, I understand the cost of time, money, and effort it takes to provide a product or offer a service. No one wants to work for free or feel unappreciated. I oftentimes think some consumers or customers forget that the cost of having a retail store/ salon has a high overhead so when they are charged extra for being late, or wanting an additional service they have a hard time understanding the added cost. On the flip side as a consumer/ customer do not penny-pinch me to death, adding on for minor things like this is spirit airlines. If I pay top dollar for a service or product I expect you to start on time and have an overall luxury experience.

Recently I have seen several posts regarding nail technicians charging in the hundreds for a service, which I am not mad at, at all. However, if I am paying that fee, I need top-notch service, professionalism, and a clean environment (or a house call). Here are a few tips for both parties to understand going forward…


  1. Know the cost of your service before you sit down or agree. 
  2. Do your research on their work, their salon, the environment before getting there.
  3. Ask questions if you know you are interested in various services / add ons etc, do not assume they have time or it's the same price.  
  4. Be on time and be considerate of their time, please communicate if you are running late or need to cancel.

Service Provider:

  1. Please start on time or communicate in advance if running late
  2. Allocate enough time for you to take a break, eat, etc...
  3. Do not over-exert yourself, adding too many clients in one day, eventually not giving the same energy/time/effort to each customer. Remember they are paying top dollar and should be given the same amount of effort.
  4. If increase on price, notify in advance with the reasons outlined clear & simple

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