Business Partnerships: Make your Decision Wisely!

The Best Partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of Passion , Dedication & a Desireto win no matter what !! Over the years I’ve heard of so many horror stories of people going into business together ! Before you decide to join forces and start a partnership with your “homeboy” or “homegirl” ask yourself, ” Are you willing to hang in there with this person through the celebrations and failures? The curveballs and the monotony? Can you accept that the little things about them that may annoy you now could only magnify under stress?”

Communication is Key

A partnership is very similar to a marriage , where it is a constant work in progress and you must have faith in your relationship despite the fact that its future is always unknown. My #1 advice for anyone in a partnership or thinking about going into business with someone is that COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Make sure you are going into business with someone who can effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas . This is very important as most partnerships dissolve due to lack of communication or HOW THEY COMMUNICATE.

My Opinion

Now I will be the first person to admit that just as much as being in business with someone has many advantages , it is not always rainbows & butterflies. There are many times when me and my partner “debate” over minor to major issues from picking out wall paper designs to how the marketing budget should be spent. If you have a partner that is very passionate about your business then often times you will not agree on every little thing. I always say that I rather go into business with someone who challenges me and provides alternate solutions & ideas than a partner who always just agrees on the others ideas and etc. because that is not a partner , thats a yes man!

I can honestly say I have been truly blessed with a great business partner. She not only challenges me and pushes me harder to become a better business woman but she has what I may lack  and vice versa!

Always remember your story may not end the same way as mine , so please take your time when choosing the right business partner as it can be detrimental to your life mentally & physically.

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